Articles I have written:

Goodies for PHPers in Internet Explorer 9 by Orlando Medina (PHP Architect Blog).
Modsecurity: Why It Matters to PHP by Orlando Medina
Internet Explorer: Where Does It Stand? by Orlando Medina (PHP Architect Blog) )


Clients Medina Labs has worked with on web projects:

Hausmann-McNally S.C.
Custom Training was provided on web technologies and software engineering processes.
Custom software engineering services were provided that utilized various Open Source technologies.

Advanced Entertainment DJ Service
Redesigned and implemented a Concrete5 website.
Training on Concrete5 was given.
Custom programming was done within the templates and the design.
Provided photo touch-ups and manipulation for the site.

Reimplemented a new design of the user account management page.
Used PHP, MySQL, CSS, and Javascript (Scriptaculous and Prototype) to update the look of the page to align with the rest of the site's look and feel.
Worked within Magento to implement the new page.
Ajax was used in some of the user interaction for the new management page.

Fitness Techs LLC
Custom website implementation of Concrete5.
Training Provided.
Partnered with MDesign for logo design


Spin Group
Performed migration of 30+ domains. (Websites & Email)
Created a service that generated an XML feed for consumption by another web service.
Provided bug fixes for a customized CMS.

Ryan Jurgens
Moved over site and domain with a new Concrete 5 installation.


Transpariclean Window Cleaning Service Inc.

Provided web design, site implementation, and on-site photography services.

Partnered with MDesign for logo design