Medina Labs Presents Talk on Google API's at MKEPUG

On June 8, Medina Labs owner, Orlando Medina presented a talk on the use of Google API's. It's Medina Labs' way of giving back to the technology community and helping others who continue to work hard programming. 

The Google API's provide depth and breath of functionality. The functionality that it provides for example is:

  • Google Maps/Earth
  • Google Search
  • Feed reader support
  • Much More!

Feel free to check out the Ustream of the event, or get a few more details on MKE PUG's website. (

NOTE: This event has passed. See the above link for the event's video!

orlando medina

I have 14+ years of IT and programming experience. I studied Computer Science and apply those principles to my approach for doing web-applications and mobile apps. I also am passionate about photography and applying that to my projects for my clients.