Medina Labs to have a free discourse at the PHP User's Group about the benefits of MAMP

      Ever wonder how some folks develop web applications? Ever wonder the tools are? Wonder no more. Medina Labs is part of the Milwaukee PHP Users Group, or MKE PUG. This is a local group of web developers from all over the state that meet together and learn about the latest in PHP and how to improve our art.

       I will be presenting a course that is free to the public at Bucketworks in Milwaukee,WI on the benefits of using MAMP. An open source bundle that let's developers design their web creations on their local machines. If you're into web development, and own a computer, not just a Mac, this is the seminar for you! There is also a  UStream for this event available as well. It starts Tuesday at 6PM CST. If you would like more information feel free to contact me with questions in my About Us section. 


Link: Milwaukee PHP Meetup MAMP presentation 


NOTE: This event has passed. See the above link for the event's video!

orlando medina

I have 14+ years of IT and programming experience. I studied Computer Science and apply those principles to my approach for doing web-applications and mobile apps. I also am passionate about photography and applying that to my projects for my clients.